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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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charred and gutted their home. the call for help first came in early this morning on popular hill road and that is where news 4's chris gordon spoke to those family members. >> now, in the name of jesus we just want to thank you, lord. >> reporter: members of the family gathered in prayer just a few feet away is the house that burned to its foundation in the fatal fire overnight. four occupants got out of the house, but 6-year-old zavion atkins and his grandmother, 68-year-old bernice washington died in the fire. >> there is just a hole right now. just a part that is missing. >> reporter: bernice washington had 13 grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. the family adored her and would gather every weekend for her special barbecues. >> she loved family. that was like the thing with her, family. it was just always about family no matter what, she would be always the one that wouldn't
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hold no grudges, just -- >> mow matter what happened she was there for us. >> uh-huh. >> 6-year-d zavion atkins was a first grader at malcolm elementary school. a note was sent home with students informing parents and guardians about his death. some of the teachers visited his family today. >> he was a lovely kid. he loved playing and he loved his grandmother and his grandmother loved him. they were together all of the time. she's missed. >> ahead, we'll hear from one of the family members who survived this fire. he was inside and he tells us about his efforts to save 68-year-old bernice washington and 6-year-old zavion atkins. reporting from waldorf, maryland, chris gordon, news 4. >> thank you. don't drive on rockville pike in bethesda if you don't have to. work to the water main break still causing major delays for drivers tonight. the repairs could extend until
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midnight. adam tuss has been monitoring the situation all day and he joins us now. adam? >> reporter: you said it all, don't drive here if you don't have to. it is still a mess. let's take a look at the destruction that was left behind after the water came gushing down rockville pieing. this trench right here formed after the pipe was, further up the road, that's where the crane is, that's where the pipe actually burst. look at rockville pike. we have traffic in each direction and it's slow going northbound and southbound. look toward bethesda medical center and nih. you can see the traffic backed up all of the way down there. i don't know why you would even try it tonight at this time. traffic is a mess. the pipe is fixed, the water flowing again, but the road, still in rough shape. >> the major roadway and so
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we're looking deep into the evening to get it back in service. >> reporter: huge chunks of rockville pike had to be ripped up, milled down and eventually repaved. the culprit, a 16-inch water main tat sent water flying down the pipe. >> it seems it's a powerful break which is why you see a lot of this damage. >> reporter: take a look at what happened to the sidewalk along rockville pike and this was heavy duty and it will take a while to patch it up on the road and all lanes are expected to reopen by tomorrow morning's rush. >> back out now live as the work continues and the traffic crawls. coming up at 6:00, wssc has invested a lot of money and ing systems that tell them when big pipes are going to break and why they didn't get one this time. back to you. >> all right, adam ss. a virginia couple is facing child abuse charges after their son was found dead in a septic
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tank. that couple is accused of lee leaving their son noah and their daughter abigail home alone in march. he was found in a septic tank near blacksburg. the medical examiner determined the child drowned and that hypothermia contributed to his death. the couple remains in jail without bond. and right now a murderer in suitland is still on the o figu who shot a man at tangier place near porter avenue. investigators don't know why he was killed, but they think he did know the gunman. police have not named the victim. the district man who died after a struggle with hospital security guards was laid to rest today. chris lawrence is in the newsroom with more on that story and new reaction tonight. chris? >> jim, it's still unclear how james mcbride died, but just about everyone who went to his funeral today in prince george's county agrees this whole thing was just tragic. mcbride was a patient in medstar
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washington hospital earlier this month. hospital officials say he left the hosal withouteing formally discharged and died during a confrontation with two security grd whiy guards who tr restrain him. friends were solemn and shared their thoughts. >> it is tragic that it happened to such a great man. unfortunately, the family has to not only deal with this loss, but the tragedy of the loss. oh, he will be missed. he will be missed very deeply, verydeeply. >> he was 74 years old and the security guards that worked for the hospital have been policed on administrative leave while d.c. police are invest getting this case. the hospital is conducting its own internal investigation, as well and so far no charges have been filed. wendy? >> chris lawrence. we are learning more about the deadly hit and run in northeast d.c. today police named the victim of
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that crash that occurred on sergeant road. 62-year-old john lindberg died, they say, after he was fit on faraday place at 6:30 yesterday morning. ndberg was hit by two cars. the first driver left the scene, but police say they found that driver and he is]yñ cooperating with them. the second driver stayed on the scene. police are asking anyone who may have seen this crash to give them a call. turning to storm team 4 now, folks, it's really starting to feel like fall and chillier temperatures are now on the horizon and chief meteorologist doug kammerer is in the storm center with more. hi, doug. >> we saw cooler temperatures across the region and they were struggling to hit 70 and we did get to
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in the mid-50s and 50 in pittsburgh and 48 in boston and it will get cool this weekend and we'll talk about how cool it gets coming up in a minute. ♪ ♪ >> i'm julie carey at the fairfax county courthouse where we heard from a mystery woman of sorts in the charles severance murder trial. the woman who bore a son with him in 1999 has remained silent, out of public view until today when she testified for the prosecution. prosecutors contend it was a bitter custody battle with this woman that left charles severance with a deep hatred of police and the courts, a hatred
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they say later led him to kill three well-known alexandria residents. pamela nichols became pregnant shortly after meeting severance in 1999. for a brief time they lived together with alexandria, and before their son was a year old she moved out taking the baby with her. she soon won sole custody of the child. severance isn't allowed to see his son, but nichols testified he sent a lot of letters from 2000 until 2009. asked, were the letters pleasant? >> nichols, no. prosecutor, how would you characterize them? nichols, they were frightening and they were threatening. after opening the trial last week with a focus on the february 2014 murder of music l prosecutors turned attention to the shooting death just months earlier of transportation planner ron kirby. his tearful widow testified she left home for a doctor's appointment the morning of her
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death. the last call to her husband to get driving directions. kirby's son joseph discovered the body when he drove to the home that veterans day holiday. testified joseph, i walked through the front door and found my father dead. he called 911. medics first thought it was a heart attack and then discovered the bullet wounds and there was someone else at ron kirby's home, the day of his murder. a plumber. all new at 6:00, i'll tell you who the plumber said he notice said as he drove to kirby's home. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell is formally appealing his case to the highest court and that's impacting his wife tonight. mcdonnell wants the supreme court justices to review his corruption charges. his lawyers say he was convicted on such a broad legal definition of corruption that all elected officials could be at risk of being from being prosecuted. he is facing two years in prison. maureen mcdonnell's case is on hold for now, it will wait after
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the supreme court's decision on her husband's case. maureen was sentenced to a year and a half in prison. former congresswoman gabby giffords launched a new campaign to help protect women and families from gun violence. the women's coalition for common sense will push for laws to protect people from gun violence and the coalition will link access to guns and am doestic violence. among the speakers at the event was beth parker, the mother of allison parker, the reporter killed during a live interview in virginia back in august. >> gun violence in our country is at epidemic proportions and we just fell that we must do something in her name. if we can make a difference in her name that's -- that will be her legacy. >> the announcement of the coalition comes during domestic violence awareness month. a full-blown internal investigation ordered. a maryland man handcuffed and stunneded and a police officer did something awful.
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an act of love from the pope has led to an outpouring of support that one family cannot imagine. >> an alert just issued on the university of maryland college campus today after a frightening incident inside a women's bathroom. stay with us. wendy and i are just getting started on news 4 at 5:00.
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developing now at 5:15, an alert just issued on the university of maryland campus. police think a voyeur targeted a woman in a dorm shower. >> a blessing from the pope has led to a remarkable outpouring of love for parents and their 10-year-old boy. why they say their lives have changed forever coming up. >> as the district works to place hundreds of families in permanent homes before winter, parents say these homes are so filthy their children are getting sick. >> and as news 4's mark segraves found out today, some say they'd rather go back to a shelter than deal with the mold and rats in the city's subsidized housing. >> they make us feel like they no longer care about us because they placed us somewhere, but this is not each living. >> reporter: kisha mcdonald and her three children are one of the hundreds of families living here at the d.c. general homeless shelter and like nearly 1,000 other homeless families, mcdonnell and her children were
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moved out of the shelter and into an apartment of her own. >> mcdonnell said the joy of getting their new home turned into a nightmare because of the conditions inside their own apartment. >> we have rats. the rats were eating off the cabinets. we have bedbugs here. we had a lot of mold here. the kids are getting sick. >> reporter: test results show mcdonald's children have been exposed to mold. >> the baby room, she has to keep getting shots because of the mold and the fungus that's in the apartment. kids have bronchitis, they have asthma, everything since we've been in this apartment and it's not fair. >> reporter: mcdonald is not the only mother who says her kids are getting sick in this northeast apartment building. >> my daughter and my son both of them have bron kitis and asthma and my daughter has been hospitalized from pneumonia. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the d.c. department of human services issued a written saying all rapid rehousing units must
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meet d.c. inspection standards. the property owner is complying with the request to have the property inspected for mold within the next five days with any removal and remediation service to follow immediately. other needed repairs to the property will be completed within the same timeframe. >> do you think you would have been better off staying at d.c. general? >> it was more sanitary, and more cleaner. >> reporter: we spoke to families today and told them what the district government plans to do and the response was, they've heard that before, and they have no confidence that anything is going to get any better for their families. in northeast, mark segraves, news 4. the university of maryland is looking for a guy who spied on a woman in a dormitory shower. this happened at wicomico hall, the woman saw a camera lens over the top of the stall.
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she screamed at the man and he ran off. university police are looking into it, but they do not have a description of the suspect. >> the former top cop in d.c. is retiring from the same post in philadelphia. charles ramsey is a national figure in law enforcement and has served on two white house task forces. ramsey served as d.c. police chief from 1998 to 2007. the next year philadelphia mayor michael nutter took office and forced ramsey to come out of retirement. ramsey said today that he will step down when mayor nutter leaves office in january. >> it is one of the lasting images of the pope's visit to the united states. while he was in philadelphia pope francis stopped his motorcade to bless 10-year-old michael keating who lives with cerebral palsy. michael's family set up a donation site on crowd to help raise new money for a new van so they can get him from place to place.
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the washington post posted the story and in the next hours hollywood director j.j. abrams and his wife donated $50,000. so far that site has raised more than $100,000 for this . michael's mother says this will really help. she's had two hernia surgeries from lifting her 70-pound son. ♪ i'm jason pugh here at redskins park. the vast majority of this season this team is without their top playmaker desean jackson because of a hamstring injury. i asked him afterward how close is he to being 100% healthy. >> i'm pretty good and i feel like i'm at a good rate where i can get some good work in. and hopefully throughout the week i'll get better. >> we need him at 100%. the way he plays he needs to be 100% and he's not good to us at
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65%. i feel like the progression is good. he's very, very close and if it's not this sunday then definitely it will be next weekend. >> we ran out today, and i felt like he'd been out there for the last several weeks and it worked well and he snapped it down and caught the ball well and it was on rhythm, and i told him afterward it feels like you've been here all along and it's pretty hard to overthrow him and let him go get it. >> cousins and gruden along with redskins fans everywhere, keeping his fingers crossed desean jackson is good to go this sunday. i'm jason pugh, news 4, sports. the family of the captain is suing el faro. the coast guard says el faro sank in the bahamas during hurricane joaquin on october 1st. the storm shifted after el faro left port.
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33 crew members died and the national transportation safety board plans to give an update on the investigation on friday. check your fridge if you have a bag of dole fresh spinach it could be part of the big recall. here's what the bags look like. dole says the spinach could put you at risk for salmonella and it has an enjoy by date of october 15th. salmonella can cause infections with those with weakened immune systems. no one has reported getting sick. >> a man manages to live in an attic of an arlington church for three years. why he was able to go undetected for so long until now. donald trump goes one-on-one with nbc's katie tur and he made an admission of sorts about some of the things he has said on the campaign trail. >> handcuffed, stunned and spit upon. the arrest that's triggered an the arrest that's triggered an in
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i was at my shop tied up with a customer
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when i realized the time. i had to get to the bank before it closed, so i made a break for it. when i got out it was almost closing time. traffic was bad. i knew i was cutting it close. but it was ok. i use td bank. it's got the longest hours and stays open an extra ten minutes every day. i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank.
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. a pretty nice day today, yes, we're cooler than yesterday. yesterday's highs about 80 degrees and today we're about ten degrees cooler than that, right average the average high and this time of year is up to 69 and we're currently at 68 and at 16 miles per hour and trying to get cool out there, and we're not talking cold temperatures
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and those will move in until the weekend and temperatures around the region, and 61 in hagerstown and 64 in winchester and 71 toward fredericksburg and it has been a nice, mild afternoon for october standards and it will continue to be into the day on friday. storm team 4 radar still showing clear skies across the region and we're not expecting any rain and really, we're not expecting much in the way of rain now for well over a week. we have a slight chance on friday as another front moves through and most of us will remain dry. a few clouds came in during the day and this was part of the system that doug a deep trough around the region and almost no clouds around the entire country and extremely quiet. you notice the jet stream and look at the clouds falling from canada across our region and that's why we'll start seeing cooler numbers and another storm will bring in the cooler air this weekend and overnight low temperatures, not too bad and 54 in d.c. and 46 in gaithersburg.
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you may need the jacket as you step out tomorrow morning and 56 degrees by 8:00 and 64 by noon and breezy, but not too bad and nice around 4:00 and once again, plenty of sunshine tomorrow and the next couple of days and that's when the cold weather starts to move in. it's the jackets early tomorrow, but a very nice afternoon and you won't need those jackets during the afternoon. it's not the jackets, though, it's the coats. >> 58 in d.c. and 56 on sunday and the low temperature 40 on sunday and that is in the city, but some of you will see your first frost or freeze coming up this weekend and veronica's got more on that and she'll let you know just how cold things will get as we start during the day on sunday and we move to monday and tuesday and it stays rather cold and three days in a row and temperatures in the 50s and i think we'll get there, more sunshine, monday, tuesday and wednesday and we have a tranquil pattern and we have a chilly pattern moving on in and coming up at 6:45 and v.j. is talking
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about the cold start to the day on sunday. i had a problem yesterday talking about that, too. >> your lips are frozen already. >> thank you, doug. >> a tweet from mike huckabee taking the ire of the twitter verse. his comments about koreans and dogs have some calling it racist. donald trump talked to katie tur about what what he would do different. what investigators are saying about the crash that killed two people. >> william barker was a regular here at st. anns. you might say he lived here. he did live here secretly in the attic for three years. i'm pat collins, th
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right now at 5:30, living in secret for three years. how a man managed to go undetected inside a local church and who finally discovered him. being politically correct takes a lot of time. >> nbc's katie tur goes one-on-one with donald trump again and we'll talk to her about the interview and the one thing donald trump says he would do differently in the first four months of his campaign. >> rockville pike where pieces are going with rockville pike are all over the ground here and
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after the water main break and the traffic in this area goes on and on and on. one lane getting by in each direction, don't drive through here if you don't have to. more coming up at 6:00. >> ugly rush hour and first at 5:30, that squatter living in a catholic church in arlington. most churches proudly advertising all are welcome and no one knew this man made this church his home for three years and pat collins is in arlington about how he kept his living arrangements so secret. >> reporter: there is a hospitality suite here at st. anne's. it's a place where they keep food, cheese, snack, beverages and from time to time things guild missing. it was here last night, but where is it morng well, now maybe that mystery is solved. this is 42-year-old william barker. police say he secretly lived in
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the attic of saint ann's church for three years. this is how they say it happened. they say he'd wait until the evening and until people had cleared out of the church hall. he would pull out a ladder and climb up the ladder and punch out one of the ceiling tiles, climb up into the attic, drag the ladder up into the attic and replace the ceiling tile. that's where he would spend the night. he said he did that day after day after day for three years, why, he even had a little home up there. >> three years undetected in attic space and had set up a makeshift bed and had clothing hung up there and even had a cooler up there and food. >> reporter: and he had a guitar. >> he did have a guitar. >> monday at saint ann's they were getting the air-conditioning checked out and the tech hears some noise in the attic. they call the cops and down comes william barker. the pastor was here when it
5:32 pm
happened. >> do you forgive limb? >> absolutely, but i would like actually for him to get the help that he needs because he didn't look so healthy at all. >> reporter: forgiveness from the good father. police say they have a history with william barker. more about that coming up at 6:00, jim, back to you. >> pat, thank you. >> right now a man in florida is waiting to hear if his daughter was hit by a home hit by a small plane and federal investigators confirmed the pilot and one person on the ground died. the plane hit a mobile home park in palm beach county lake worth there and two homes were engulfed in flames and the pile was flying alone. it's not known why he crashed and he didn't send out any distress calls and investigators say it's amazing there are not more people hurt. >> we are fortunate. it just really depends on the area whether how populated and sparse that it is, if this would
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have been in the mountains somewhere it might have only been one fatality with a pilot. >> investigators are talking to witnesses now on the ground to help determine if there was anything wrong with that plane. this week's wednesday's child is a very special 17-year-old who proves every day that where there's a will there is a way. in spite of many challenges, she has a genuine love of life and as a foster child she's hoping a family that will come along and make her a part of their lives. today we take you to meet allison. >> she was waiting for us at the front door of her school. >> hi, allison. alison said hello with the punch of a button. >> i am so happy to meet you. >> allison wore her favorite rainbow shoes for this occasion and she was ready to show me how well she was able to get around. >> when i met her she was in a wheelchair and since then she has gotten surgery and she was reluctant to walk and now she walks like gang busters? allison has surprised all that
5:34 pm
know her with the progress she's making. special education teacher sally grove says allison is a star in her class. >> what are your hobbies? >> and she used her red pen to show us on paper the things she's interested in. >> allison has a complicated medical history and situation. she was born with several medical anomalies. she has cerebral palsy. >> reporter: and that has rendered her unable to speak, but not unable to communicate. she uses her ipad, punching words and pictures to say what she wants to say. >> do you like having this? >> uh-huh. >> is it very helpful? >> uh-huh. >> and that's allowed her to share her personality and something she hopes to soon be able to share with herr adopted family. >> when asked where she would like to live, she said with parents. >> we made a pinky promise. >> we hope to find that family very soon. >> what a wonderful girl with
5:35 pm
amazing personality, and if you have room in your home and your heart for allison or another child who is waiting, please call our adoption hotline and the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me or go to and search wednesday's child. i hope she finds a family soon. >> i do, too. because she's so sweet. >> and very smart and full of life. >> that's obvious. >> thanks, barb. welcome, it's a familiar alert on your computer and why it could be a one-way ticket for hackers to gain access to all of your private information. i'm tom sherwood in the district and the united house of prayer for people and the latest church to have a fight over bike
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sources say former nba and reality tv star lamar odom suffered brain damage and a stroke and is now on a ventilator after being found unconscious at a nevada brothel. the sources tell the e! network which is owned by nbc universal said that odom had multiple drugs in his system when he was rushed from the love ranch. odom checked in on saturday and the owner said two women found him unconscious. there are new clues that sent the search for elusive drug lord el chapo into overdrive today. mexican authorities raided a ranch in the sierra mountains
5:39 pm
this morning. they had intercepted phone conversations with el chapo that indicated he might be there and they found cell phones and clothing, didn't find him. el chapo escaped quite dramatically from a prison in july using an underground tunnel and a motorcycle. he's believed to be one of the biggest suppliers of illegal drugs to the united states. >> new at 5:00, a local church fighting back. >> they say they're losing parking spaces because of bicyclists. how they plan to do -- put a stop to a new bike lane. >> chance of a little rain before the week is over with likelihood of a big chill this weekend. i'll show you h
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>> tonight a prominent african-american church near the convention center is crying foul. >> it's concerned about new bike lanes cutting off access to the church. >> as news 4's tom sherwood reports, the conflict is part of the changing downtown landscape. >> reporter: d.c. is a national leader in promoting bike use on city streets, but the change hasn't always come easy. now the long-established united house of prayer for all people headquartered just east of the convention center is bitterly
5:43 pm
complaining. it says proposed, protected bike lanes similar to these would interfere with church services and parking if they're placed on sixth seeongside the church. in a seven-page strongly-worded letter to city officials the well-known church charges that the district is targeting historically african-american churches in rapidly gentrifying wears and it's forced some churches to move. no one from the church responded to news 4's request for comment. alejandro padro a longtime community leader says the church must recognize change in the neighborhood. >> i think it's an exaggeration on the house of prayer. no one is out to get them and no one is out to push them out of the city. >> and martin, a longtime resident and local bicycle association member say bikes is a fact of life. >> we have a lot more cyclists coming through the neighborhood to get to work to get to schools and to get to church. >> reporter: vdot officials say no firm plan has been made.
5:44 pm
ddot will hold a community meeting on the issue next week. in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. in decision 2016 today, some 15 million people watched last night's first democratic debate and republican presidential candidate donald trump was one of them and trump live tweeted and katienterviewed him one-on-one yet again and she joins us live from new york city. katie, trump, of course, since he first hit the stage as a presidential candidate has been outrageous and now four months into that campaign, is he starting to mellow a bit? >> outspoken is probably the best way to describe him. >> it does seem like he has mellowed a little bit at least in this interview today he was a much calmer, gentler, donald trump. we asked him about his opponents. he didn't really hit them hard. he said hillary clinton obviously won the debate last
5:45 pm
night, but he did also say he would have an easy time beating her in the general election. so far this donald trump is not one we have seen on the campaign trail. he's going to be in virginia tonight. whether or not he maintains this tact of a softer spoken, less aggressive donald trump we'll have to see, i can't tell you, one day you get one donald trump and then you get another and it will be interesting to see if this is a new version of himself and whether he'd trying to broaden his base of support by quitting with the aggressive attacks and trying to be somebody that's more of a unifier as he's calling himself. we'll have all of that coming up on "nightly news" tonight including what he said about ben carson who is catching up with him in the polls as well as hillary clinton and whether or not he would do anything differently if he had the chance. back to you. >> let's listen to what he said when he said he would do things differently and this is not something that we think of donald trump doing as being
5:46 pm
introspe introspective. >> i can watch my words a little bit and be politically correct and one of the reasons i am doing well, being politically correct takes a lot of time. it takes a lot of effort. we don't have time in this country. our country is really in trouble and that's why my new book coming out in three weeks will be discussing it. we don't have time to always be politically correct, and i can be more politically correct than anybody that you've ever interviewed, but it takes a lot of time to do it and you're going around in different circles and you're never getting there. we don't have time for it anymore, katy. >> when you interviewed donald trump -- go ahead. >> new donald trump and old donald trump in the same sound bite. at one point she was saying he' do things differently, followed up with i have a new book coming out and if i were pc i would be the best pc person you've ever seen which is just -- it's an
5:47 pm
incredible mix that he's able to come out with just in a six-sentence span. >> i remember seeing your interview with him earlier this summer and he was quite combative and you really had to wrangle him. is he any nicer to reporters when they ask tough questions? >> listen, the story isn't necessarily about me, but he certainly was nicer, i guess, you can say. he's become more of a politician, as we've seen. he still hits the media very hard and every single one of his rallies he calls out the media and even names some of us and has the crowd turn around and boo. he's definitely riling the crowd up against the media. we get a few harassing karics, and in terms of this interview it was not as combative as it was before. we've been on the campaign trail with each other now and he's been on the campaign trail for 118 days and i've been on the campaign trail with him for 111 days and he knows me by name and
5:48 pm
he knows the other reporters by name, as well. there is definitely a rapport there that wasn't there when we first started. >> you're holding up well, thank you, katy. >> by the looks of it. >> exactly. >> you can see the interview with donald trump on "nightly news" tonight on nbc at 7:00. some of the hottest social media reaction during the debate was tweeted by one of the candidates for the republican nomination, not trump, mike huckabee tweeted he trusted democratic candidate bernie sanders with his tax dollars like he trusts a north korean chef with his dogs. well, reaction was swift. one woman tweeted the remark is beneath someone who is a christian pastor. racism exists because we have a governor like mike huckabee who jokes about koreans eating dogs. a short time later mike huckabee re-tweeted that poor liberals think it's racist to deplore a
5:49 pm
brutal dictatorship. wendy? >> all righty. well, we have some canadian air starting to drift down into the lower 48. it will make a difference. >> it will make a difference and that's what the second front at the end of the week and the coldest air of the season, folks are going to notice it and it's one thing when you talk about it and show the numbers and it's another thing when the cold wave starts going in. let me show you what's coming in. the colder bars in the middle part of the week. and in terms of what we're going to see as we move forward in december, january and february. the climate prediction center, they've put out their forecast and what we can expect for these month, the winter months and near-average temperatures looks for what they're calling for in most of our area and that puts us in the 40s and folks are saying, will we get the snow? that is the big question right now. they're calling for above-average precipitation and
5:50 pm
by that i mean a mixture of both rain and snow and it depends on how much cold air we get and we get the active part of the storms meeting up with that cold right now and just, above average and it could mean we are on the line with a lot of these systems and we get the cold rain and the icy situation. >> there is another forecast from noaa coming out and we'll have that for you. 68 degrees and the wind settled and we drop down into the 50s by 10:00 to 11:00 p.m. and we lose the win because the wind blowing around the ragweed and also still running high. first thing tomorrow, jackets, and 45 around reston falls church and that means first thing out the door tomorrow morning and not only a jacket, but you might have to go for a long sweater, as well and long pants, too, and some of you are going to hold on to the short
5:51 pm
pants as long as possible. we hit the 60-degree mark by lunchtime tomorrow. as far as friday goes, we get the cloud cover and not much in the way of any rain. very light showers and you can see it around fredericksburg and around stafford during the afternoon hours and with it more sunshine to follow and with those low temperatures at night and you have the fall color peaking in northwestern, maryland. >> and getting out and not just doing things around the house and maybe painting and wait until the afternoon when we get the warmer temperatures and get weather for decorating and it's all about the weekend and just how low those temperatures will be by early sunday morning, look at this. 36 leesburg and 36 in areas like fredericksburg, 35 up to the north around frederick, maryland and not only sunday morning, but monday morning and possibly tuesday morning, as well and it will feel a lot like november coming up, sunday, monday, tuesday of next week and a dry
5:52 pm
pattern coming up. >> v.j., i have your ragweed right now. thank you very much for that update. >> a warning for those of you who hire help for your computer problems. scammers are after your money offering bogus tech support. >> patrice noted a pop-up on her computer did and it wouldn't go away. >> so i turned my computer off, turned it back on and it came up again. >> she thought the pop-up looked official and they included the microsoft logo and a phone number. >> i had to call them. i felt like i had to call them because i felt there was something seriously wrong, and i'm, like, are you from microsoft? she said yes, we are. she said i need to get inside your computer to find out what's going on. >> reporter: minutes later, she says someone took over her computer. >> i hit enter and she's in the computer with the mouse moving it all around and popping things up on my computer and telling me that you have a virus here, somebody in california is trying
5:53 pm
to get into your computer right now. when she was done, popped up on my screen, prices. $250 for a year, $300 for six months. she said you have two hours. freaked out, turned my computer off, called my husband, of course. >> reporter: she had walked right into a tech support scam and in the end it crashed her computer. brimly feared her financial information could be compromised because like many consumers, she banks and pays her bills online. >> all my ordered, and started all over again. >> the federal trade commission says here's how you can spot a scam. if someone asks for access to your computer, tries to roll you into a maintenance or warranty program or requests your credit card information, don't do it. >> tech support scams are also fed over the phone.
5:54 pm
>> the gentleman says ma'am, we've detected something serious going on with your computer. brimlee was targeted again. >> she says can you go put your computer on. i knew, oh, my god, here we go. >> microsoft and its partners say they do not make unsolicited phone calls and don't charge for computer security or software fixes. eun yang, news 4. >> update new security software and change your passwords. also report it to the federal trade commission. new video of officers spitting on a handcuffed man and how one department is responding. a local soldier awarded the medal of honor. tonight, more on his ties to our region and the heroic act that earned him a
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
baltimore's mayor tonight calling on a police officer to resign after video that appears to show him spitting on a suspect. >> as jay miller reports that officer is suspended and an investigation under way. the incident happened last night in northeast baltimore lucy neighborhood. today internal affairs officers spread out looking for witnesses, and witnesses told us officers ordered several people
5:58 pm
to move off the steps of a building, after a man that argued with the officer was tased and handcuffed, the officer was seen doing this. >> he just spit on him. >> bystanders reacted and tensions escalated. >> another officer could be seen with his taser telling people to move back. >> today the interim city police commissioner said the whole encounter is now under investigation acknowledging it does appear an officer spit on the man after his arrest. >> and his body and his head moved forward in a manner that suggests he may have actually spit on the handcuffed, arrested person. i think any reasonable person could look at that video last night and come away with some serious concerns. this isn't being reviewed. this isn't being looked at. this isn't being glanced at. this is a full-blown, internal investigation. >> no details of what led to the incident were provided. what davis was asked might
5:59 pm
explain the officer's alleged behavior considering the number of bystanders taking video. >> i can't, in spite of my very best efforts rationalize human behavior. i can't. i think human beings when under stress whether you're in law enforcement or not tend to act outside themselves. >>did they appear to be under stress last night? >> i can't really describe what depicts someone under stress. that can be an internal feeling and that's not always outwardly exhibited. >> how baltimore police areset to begin wearing body cameras this month. news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. now at 6:00, a family torn apart by tragedy. tonight, a survivor talks about the moment flames engulfed a home and the desperate attempt to save two people trapped inside. mold in the bedroom, leaking pipes, rats running all over the place. a look at the deplorable living
6:00 pm
conditions for some of the area's poorest residents. a day of detours and delays at a major intersection. why a warning system that was supposed to send a letterses about water main breaks didn't work. >> we begin with a dramatic sign that americans are more engaged with the presidential race than many analysts believed. more than 15 million of us watched last night's debate and that beats the record number of viewers for a democratic debate by about 5 million and while many viewers got their first real exposure to bernie sanders, even donald trump admits the night belonged to hillary clinton. steve handelsman is following clinton and he's live tonight in henderson, nevada. this is where hillary clinton is at this moment at the iup henderson headquarters and visiting with her staunch union supporters who say they're pleased with how she did last night. hillary clinton's supporters re


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